Tom Holland And Zendaya Cooking Food

tom holland and zendaya cooking food

Zendaya and Tom Holland know their way around the kitchen! 

The Spider-Man No Way Home stars recently sat down for an interview with Heart and discussed who would make the better Christmas dinner.

After being asked the question, the pair looked at each other, before Zendaya realized that Holland thought the answer would be him.

Finishing each other’s sentences, the pair also concluded that they both like to take the lead. “Long story short, we both are controlling in the kitchen,” Zendaya confessed. “I like to do it my way. He likes to do it his way. So, it’s better if just one of us does it.”

Zendaya and Holland seemingly confirmed their relationship in July when they were spotted sharing a kiss in a car. In November, the British actor spoke publicly about their love during an interview with GQ.

Written by FilMonger

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