Tom Holland Being A British Man

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By FilMonger

Leave it up to British actors to always get American accents so close to a point where you’re convinced they’re actually American. In some cases, British actors working on American shows and using American accents fool U.S. viewers

Most people know Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s Tom Holland is British. If you didn’t, you might be fooled based on his stellar command of how teens talk in America.

If you’ve seen Holland as Spider-Man since he first debuted in Civil War, then you know how much work he’s put into mastering the way millennials usually speak. How he did this has been revealed from a few media outlets. Holland revealed it was simply the result of obsessive practice.

Some might say practice doesn’t always make perfect, especially if you don’t have some special instincts. For Holland, it meant practicing every day, even in the shower.

Benedict Cumberbatch is another MCU actor who’s placed Holland on a pedestal for mastering the American language. This is a stellar compliment coming from Cumberbatch, who’s already a formidable actor. 

No doubt hanging around other Hollywood actors of his age group helps on the assimilation. Holland is still an actor of a different pedigree, particularly when you see him pretending to put on a British accent while pretending to speak American.

Maybe other British actors can do American accents, but Holland is certainly at the top ranks. He could springboard this into another Brit becoming a full-blooded, American movie superstar.