Tom Holland Best Moments 2021 |

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By FilMonger

Audiences across the world have come to know and love Tom Holland thanks to his portrayal of one of the MCU’s most popular heroes: Peter Parker, better known as the Amazing Spider-Man. 

Though the role had been brought to the silver screen before by other fine actors, Holland is particularly suited for the part thanks to quick wit, natural agility, and, of course, one tireless workout regimen.

Ever since becoming an international superstar, Holland has continued to charm audiences with his friendly demeanor and on-screen talents.

Tom Holland is known for dolling out Marvel movies spoilers by the dozen. So much that as a new marketing strategy Marvel Studios used that as a promotional tool for announcing Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In fact, there were several incidents when the 1917 actor could be seen putting his hand on Tom Holland’s mouth. But our little Spidey being the mess that he is, even after that managed to give another scoop to the media.

One thing he managed to sneak away with was Tony Stark’s tech sunglasses. Holland wore the modified sunglasses for a huge part of the film and really got to like them. After production was wrapped up, no one asked for them so he took them home. Hopefully, Marvel won’t ask him to give them back.

Despite  Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal having appeared in numerous films, they are still not guaranteed to nail a scene in three or less takes. The scene where Peter Parker and Quentin Beck formally introduce themselves to the other had to be repeated 40 times because the actors kept laughing.