Tom Holland Doesn’t Want His Fans To Watch Spider-Man First. Instead, He Wants Them To Watch This Show

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By Black Widow

Tom Holland, the Spider-Man actor, is excited to share his latest project with fans—a psychological thriller titled “The Crowded Room.”

With an ensemble cast including Amanda Seyfried, Emmy Rossum, and Sasha Lane, Holland plays the lead role of Danny Sullivan, a man involved in a shooting in 1979. In the show, Danny unravels a mysterious life through interviews with his interrogator.

This 10-episode series is set to premiere on Apple TV Plus, following other notable releases like “Platonic” and “Silo.”

Here’s an interview of Tom Holland, talking proudly about his upcoming series:

An Exciting Psychological Thriller of Tom Holland

“The Crowded Room” adapts Daniel Keyes’ novel “The Minds of Billy Milligan,” delivering an engaging psychological thriller. The novel explores the depths of the human mind. Holland’s portrayal of Danny Sullivan promises to captivate viewers, while the talented cast adds to the compelling storytelling.

Apple TV+ High-Profile Lineup with Tom Holland

As part of Apple TV+ impressive lineup, “The Crowded Room” joins the ranks of acclaimed shows like “Platonic” and “Silo.” Apple’s commitment to diverse and thought-provoking content is further reinforced by this series, showcasing its dedication to delivering exceptional storytelling to its audience.

Tom Holland’s Enthusiasm

Tom Holland as Danny Sullivan

Expressing his excitement on Instagram, Tom Holland assures fans that “The Crowded Room” will not disappoint. Despite his involvement in blockbusters like “Avengers: Endgame” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” Holland’s excitement for this series stands out. His passion for the project encourages fans to give it a chance and highlights his versatility as an actor.

Akiva Goldsman’s Creative Vision

“The Crowded Room” benefits from the creative vision of Akiva Goldsman, known for his work on successful TV series like “Fringe” and films such as “I, Robot” and “Cinderella Man.” With Goldsman at the helm, viewers can expect a compelling and immersive experience.

Premiere Date and Viewing Experience

Fans don’t have to wait long to dive into “The Crowded Room.” The series premieres with three episodes on June 9th, exclusively on Apple TV+. Subsequent episodes will be released weekly, ensuring a steady stream of suspense and intrigue for viewers.

While Tom Holland has gained recognition through his portrayal of Spider-Man, he urges fans to explore his talent beyond the superhero franchise.

“The Crowded Room” promises to be a show that demands attention, offering psychological depth and an enthralling narrative. So, momentarily set aside your Spider-Man cravings and prepare to be captivated by Tom Holland’s exciting new series.

Tom Holland in The Crowded Room