Tom Holland Expresses His Love For Zendaya Publicly

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Tom Holland is as mesmerized by Zendaya as the rest of the world, stopping a live interview to watch her walk the red carpet instead.

On Monday, the stars of Spider-Man: No Way Home showed up at the world premiere of the blockbuster movie, including the leading man himself.

Stopping to talk to Entertainment Tonight, Tom opened up about how much playing Spider-Man means to him.

But before Tom could answer another question in his interview, he was stopped in his tracks by the arrival of girlfriend Zendaya, who was greeted by screams as fans caught sight of her.

All the while looking like a man who’d just won the lottery.

Benedict Cumberbatch has praised his co-star Tom Holland from the much-awaited upcoming entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

Cumberbatch, who would reprise the role of Doctor Strange in the film, said: “All the time when you’re making those movies are pinch-yourself moments. I’m never over the giddy nature of working opposite Spider-Man. It’s pretty cool.

Doctor Strange acts as a mentor to Peter Parker in the movie. He replaces the now-deceased Tony Stark in the role. The trailer showed Peter enlisting Sorcerer Supreme’s assistance to undo the damage caused by Mysterio in Far From Home.

Far From Home was both a critical and commercial success for Marvel and Sony. It grossed more than 1.1 billion worldwide and also earned a 90 per cent rating at review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. This film is expected to be even bigger.