Tom Holland Flirting With Female Celebrities

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By FilMonger

When it comes to his love life, Tom Holland likes to keep things under wraps. But the Spider-Man star did say he’d love to settle down early — we’re low key here for that!

So, what’s the tea? Is Tom single? He’s been in rumored relationships with both ZendayaNadia Parkes and Olivia Bolton in the past, but it’s unclear whether or not he’s really off the market. Don’t worry, though, because J-14 broke down everything we know about Tom’s love life, including his celebrity crush and what he looks for in a significant other. 

In May 2020, sources told Daily Mail that the actor was dating Nadia. The outlet even reported that the two stars had moved in together, and were spending the coronavirus quarantine side by side.

In July 2019, Tom was photographed holding hands and cuddling up to one of his childhood friends, named Olivia, so everyone quickly assumed that they were dating. That is, until April 2020, when rumors hit the web that they had split.

Fans have been shipping Tom and the former Disney actress for years now. Why? Well, besides acting in two movies together and having a ton of chemistry on screen, the two stars are constantly hanging out, gushing over each other in interviews and on social media, posting adorable photos together and having the cutest little interactions. 

Well, the actor has stayed pretty tight lipped when it comes to all things romance, but he did tell Elle Magazine that he’s “definitely a relationship person.”

“I’m not the fleeting type at all, it’s not my way of life,” he said.

And when Pop Buzz asked the British cutie who his first celebrity crush was, he responded, “Zendaya. No. It wasn’t Zendaya. My first ever celebrity crush growing up was probably Jennifer Aniston.