Tom Holland Funny Tiktoks

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By FilMonger

Tom appears to have a TikTok account but he’s never uploaded anything to it. Here’s why…

In 2017, was bought by TikTok and in August 2018, the two apps merged. When the merge happened, everyone’s accounts on were automatically carried over to TikTok.

Back in the day, Tom used to have a account where he’d upload lip sync and dance videos. Tom’s old account appears to have been transferred over in the merge, bringing a couple of videos (dating way back to 2015) with it. But Tom has never actually made a new verified TikTok account, nor has he uploaded since shut down.

Unless Tom deleted his account and someone else later claimed his old username, his TikTok username is @tomholland1996 – the same as his old account.

Despite having never been updated since the merge, Tom’s alleged TikTok account has almost half a million followers. And the two videos that still exist on his account have over 4 million views combined.

The first one is a video of him dancing to a Siri remix, and the second one shows him lip syncing in a bathroom mirror.

There are tons of celebrities on TikTok who are absolutely crushing it on the social media platform when they aren’t filming hundred-million-dollar blockbuster movies and earning worldwide fame, recognition, and adoration.

While “e-celebs” are kind of seen as Z-list talent when compared to Hollywood’s heaviest hitters, there are tons of people who love using TikTok and would love to see their favorite movie stars on it, which is why people are wondering if Tom Holland is on the platform.

While Will Smith, Jason Derulo, Nick Jonas, and many others all have TikTok accounts and post regularly to them, you won’t find an official Tom Holland one on the list that he actively uses. The 24-year-old is probably the perfect demographic when it comes to age bracket for TikTok and he’d undoubtedly get tens of millions of fans immediately before probably posting anything if he ever were to get a verified account, but he doesn’t officially have one he’s active on.

That hasn’t stopped throngs of people from creating their own fan accounts that have managed to amass some respectable followings of their own, and people love gushing over the young actor on their own uploaded posts.

He’s so popular that someone just created a @tom.holland1996 TikTok account without any videos and just a photo of the young actor and it has 11,000 followers.