Tom Holland Getting Roasted By Almost Everyone

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought us great movies, a lot of action and, of course, wholesome friendships. One of the fan-favorite bromances off the screen is between Captain America’s actor Sebastian Stan and Spider-Man’s Tom Holland.

These two have an on-going feud that started with Anthony Mackie during ‘Captain America: Civil War’ press tour. Now, with ‘Spider-Man: No Way 

Home dominating the global box office, Stan has once again teased the 25-year-old actor. 

Stan, who has portrayed the Winter Soldier, was asked about Holland’s success with the latest Spider-Man film and what he thought about it. With his characteristic humor, the actor took the chance to send his Marvel co-star a funny message.

Some Hollywood bromances seem destined to last only for a short time. Others have real staying power. Just look at Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal – even though they played enemies in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and haven’t appeared on screen together in nearly three years. Holland recently confirmed their bromance is still alive and well while promoting No Way Home

Jake Gyllenhaal has rekindled his “cute” friendship with Tom Holland, much to the delight of Marvel fans. The pair starred together in 2019 film Spider-Man: Far From Home, striking up a close bond in the process.

Throughout the film’s press tour, videos of the two interacting with one another routinely went viral.

Now, Gyllenhaal has rekindled fan interest in their friendship with a birthday message he spent to the Peter Parker actor, who turned 25 on Tuesday (1 June).