Tom Holland Spent $1.2 Million Shopping Online

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By FilMonger

GQ’s Man of the Year Tom Holland has an infinite amount of fake money to spend shopping online. GQ curated a personalized shopping list for Tom filled with exotic trips, action figures, homes, sporting events, and more.

He’s also a man of uncompromising taste. Given an unlimited budget and a list of products to choose from in our latest episode of “Shopping Spree”, Holland puts his spidey-sense to the test, sniffing out the very best of each category with his signature good cheer.

Normally, when GQ films an episode of “Shopping Spree” there’s little in the way of stuff you can actually buy yourself. But Holland is a man of the people, so naturally his preferences skew slightly more attainable

But the item he ultimately ends up adding to his virtual cart, St. Ives’ apricot face mask, is about as fundamental as it gets. And it’s one Holland already owns. The actor swears by the drugstore staple when he’s flying and his skin is especially prone to dryness.