Tom Holland Talks New York City, Tottenham, and Overcoming Bullying

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In an exclusive interview, British actor Tom Holland sat down to discuss a range of topics, from his ideal day in New York City to his experiences as a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

With his upcoming role in the highly anticipated series “The Crowded Room,” Holland also shared his thoughts on the importance of addressing bullying and the lessons he learned from his co-stars. Let’s delve into the interview and explore the insights shared by the talented actor.

Tom Holland Exploring New York City

Tom Holland, a self-proclaimed lover of New York City, revealed his ideal day in the bustling metropolis. His perfect outing includes strolling through Central Park, savoring a delicious bagel with all the toppings, and immersing himself in the vibrant atmosphere that makes the city truly unique.

As a London native, Holland appreciates the rich history, culture, and energy that New York City has to offer.

Discoveries in Queens

During his time in Queens, Holland had a memorable encounter with a talented individual named Jimmy Jeans. He shared how Jimmy crafted custom clothes for him using recycled Carhartt jackets, showcasing the ingenuity and creativity that epitomizes New York City. Holland expressed his admiration for the city’s ability to offer such unique and personalized experiences.

Tom Holland on Tottenham Hotspur and Resilience

As an avid supporter of Tottenham Hotspur, Holland discussed how being a fan of the team has shaped his character. He acknowledged the resilience required to support a team that has faced its fair share of challenges and disappointments. Holland drew parallels between his unwavering support for Tottenham Hotspur and his determination to persevere in his own career when faced with criticism, highlighting the valuable lessons learned through both endeavors.

Tom Holland Giving Advice to Harry Kane and Favorite Player

Tom Holland Talks New York City, Tottenham, and Overcoming Bullying

When asked about sending a memo to Tottenham Hotspur’s star player Harry Kane, Holland encouraged him to pursue an opportunity in Madrid and become the best football player he deserves to be. As for his favorite player, Holland named Heng-min-Son. He expressed his hope for Kane and Song to join forces and achieve glory in the Champions League together.

Dealing with Arsenal Fans

Holland shared his perspective on interacting with Arsenal fans, drawing on the spirited rivalry between the two clubs. He humorously mentioned that as a Tottenham fan, there is little need for humility since both teams have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. Holland took delight in observing the highs and lows of his friends who support Arsenal, relishing the friendly banter that comes with being a devoted fan.

Tom Holland: Dancing and Entertainment

Tom Holland Talks New York City, Tottenham, and Overcoming Bullying

Known for his athleticism and notable skills in acrobatics and parkour, Holland discussed his go-to dance moves. He mentioned enjoying a casual two-step and occasionally busting out the robot or pop and lock moves when feeling ambitious. Holland emphasized the importance of having fun while dancing, as it can be infectious and create an enjoyable atmosphere for others.

The Snack Break and English Food

During the interview, Holland and the interviewer took a snack break, where Jaffa Cakes were mentioned. Holland fondly recalled his experiences with Jaffa Cakes, especially during his time in the West End show, where they became a regular snack for the cast. He humorously shared anecdotes about competitions to see who could eat the most Jaffa Cakes without upsetting the directors.

English vs. American Food

In an interesting twist, Holland engaged in a conversation about food, expressing his opinion on English food being superior to American cuisine. He playfully challenged the notion, highlighting that popular American food items like hamburgers and French fries have origins beyond American borders. The conversation added a light-hearted touch to the interview.

Unexpected Experiences and Valuable Lessons

Tom Holland Talks New York City, Tottenham, and Overcoming Bullying

Tom also discussed the unexpected roles he has embraced, such as working as a pub dishwasher and being a trained carpenter, and how these diverse experiences played a pivotal role in shaping his journey as an actor. The demanding job of pot washing reinforced his commitment to pursuing acting, while his genuine passion for carpentry led to personal projects like building furniture and fixing doors. Despite currently being on a sabbatical, Tom recognizes the importance of balancing personal interests with his professional aspirations. These extraordinary encounters have infused his acting career with resilience, depth, and a unique perspective.

Learning from Co-Stars

Tom Holland Talks New York City, Tottenham, and Overcoming Bullying

Reflecting on his experiences working with co-stars, Holland emphasized the importance of learning from others in the industry. He acknowledged the valuable lessons he gained from his co-star, Robert Downey Jr. According to Tom, Robert Downey Jr. leads by example, exhibiting qualities such as professionalism, preparedness, kindness, and warmth. Tom admires Robert’s dedication to his craft, as he knows everyone’s name on set, arrives punctually, and always knows his lines. Inspired by Robert’s approach to acting, Tom aspires to emulate these qualities in his own career.

“The Crowded Room” and Mental Health Advocacy

Shifting gears to his latest show, “The Crowded Room,” Tom shares his perspective on his portrayal of Danny Sullivan. He emphasizes the show’s overarching message, which celebrates the act of seeking help as an act of bravery, regardless of the specific challenge faced.

Tom hopes that the series will authentically and sensitively represent this message, empowering individuals to reach out for assistance. The interviewer acknowledges the relevance of this advice and expresses their intention to remember it for future occasions.

Additionally, Tom discusses the significance of “The Crowded Room” as a platform for mental health advocacy, aiming to destigmatize mental health and foster open conversations. The convergence of empowering messages surrounding seeking help, addressing bullying, and promoting mental health awareness resonates throughout the interview.

In this insightful interview, Tom Holland offers a glimpse into his personal experiences, interests, and career. From his love for New York City to his unwavering support for Tottenham Hotspur, Holland’s passion shines through. His reflections on overcoming challenges, embracing unexpected roles, and learning from co-stars demonstrate his resilience and dedication to his craft.

Furthermore, his involvement in “The Crowded Room” exemplifies his commitment to addressing important societal issues, such as bullying and mental health, through his work. As fans eagerly anticipate his future endeavors, Tom Holland continues to captivate audiences not only through his on-screen performances but also through his inspiring words and actions.