Tom Holland’s Best Behind The Scenes

Tom Holland In Marvel Sets

Tom Holland is best known for his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel comic superhero movies. But it turns out, getting the role wasn’t an easy process for the 24-year-old British actor. 

Holland spent months agonizing about whether or not he’d be cast as Spider-Man, and he even worried about getting fired after his first few weeks on the job.

Tom Holland’s blabbermouth is famous among Marvel fans. After revealing major Avengers-related spoilers director Joe and Anthony Russo ensured that the actor didn’t get to read the script for Avengers: Endgame.

Tom Holland has revealed that his celebration after learning he had been cast as Spider-Man got a bit out of hand, leading him to break his laptop.

And getting into marvel was hard work for the British star, who revealed in a chat with fellow actor Daniel Kaluuya for Variety that he was put through his paces over a gruelling seven-month audition process.

Tom is also an absolute darling. He visits kids in hospitals, loves puppies and is really just a sweet kid who is trying to get used to his fame and making sure he acts a responsible person and lives up to his character.

On the work front, Tom is looking forward to the release of three films — Cherry, Chaos Walking and Unchartered. He was last seen in the Netflix film The Devil All the Time.

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