Tom Holland’s Most Inspiring Moments

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By FilMonger

From the ‘Umbrella’ Lip Sync Battle to the chickens, the pigeons and the “quacksons”, here are Tom Holland’s most iconic, chaotic and hilarious moments.

Tom Holland – and I cannot stress this enough – is an International Treasure™.

The immensely talented actor is not only a fan favourite on-screen thanks to his roles in the MCU and beyond, but he’s also one of the best celebrities on social media too.

Over the years, Tom has provided us with countless hilarious moments, from his own Instagram stories to his TV appearances. And whether he’s accidentally spoiling the latest Marvel movie or dropping another immediately meme-worthy moment onto our timelines, it’s safe to say that he is…an icon.

Buying chickens to combat an egg shortage? His reaction to the Nicki Minaj baby memes? “I drink tea, darling”? The ‘Umbrella’ Lip Sync Battle?! Here’s all the best and funniest Tom Holland moments.

1) That time he bought chickens because there was no eggs in the supermarket.

It wouldn’t be right if we started this list with anything else, tbh. The definition of “Chaotic Good” and undoubtably one of the top highlights from the start of the pandemic quarantine in 2020. Predator, Chestnut and Ranger… thank you for your service.

2) And that time he tried to shoo a pigeon out of his house.

It’s even funnier when you find out he called the pigeon ‘Will Smith’ in reference to their movie, Spies in Disguise. Has anyone remixed that “to the door, to the door, love your work, love your work” bit yet?

3) When he had his wisdom teeth taken out and woke up high AF.

The three best things about this video? 1) The look of sheer panic on his face when he sits up, as if his entire life is flashing before his eyes, 2) when he says “hello” into the ice pack and 3) the way his brothers and best mates make sure he doesn’t fall back. BLESS.