Tom Holland’s Training Process For Uncharted

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By FilMonger

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are on the hunt for treasure in the action-packed blockbuster Uncharted, and the stars are opening up about how their past experience and magnetic chemistry helped them get through the demanding production.

The movie stars recently sat down to speak with ET’s Matt Cohen, and they opened up about getting the chance to work with one another, and how their instant connection fueled the high-octane action epic.

Uncharted — based off the best-selling video game franchise of the same name follows adventurer Nathan Drake and his partner/mentor Victor as they face off an a quest for fortune against a villainous treasure hunter

The film involves some truly spectacular stunts and action sequences, and as such Holland recalled how the movie was “tough to make, physically, for the pair of us.”

“It was a very demanding film. We’re lucky to have each other as a kind of team to lean on each other,” Holland added.