Tom Holland’s Upcoming Movie Cherry: Exclusive Photos

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By FilMonger

New images from Tom Holland‘s upcoming movie Cherry have arrived, and they paint a dramatic portrait of what awaits viewers. Holland re-teamed with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo for Cherry. The directing team brings to life a story based on the 2018 Nico Walker novel of the same name and from a script penned by Angela Russo-Otsot and Jessica GoldbergCherry follows the titular protagonist (Holland) as he goes from an Army medic in Iraq to a civilian dealing with PTSD who is caught up in a life of crime. Cherry also stars Ciara BravoJack ReynorThomas LennonMichael Gandolfini, and Jeff Wahlberg.

New images from Cherry were released on Tuesday by Vanity Fair as part of an in-depth first look at Holland’s new movie. While Holland is no stranger to playing a character who is in the midst of a personal crisis and is barely keeping their head above water (I’m looking at you, The Devil All the Time), these new images from Cherry tease a real departure for the Marvel actor. The new photos also tease Cherry’s relationship with Emily (Bravo), who proves to be a stabilizing force and reliable constant in Cherry’s world as things crumble around him. Each of the new photos shares different parts of Cherry’s story as he drifts from the Army to his hometown, where his life of crime escalates. Holland looks to be pushing into new territory with Cherry‘s intense story. In this writer’s opinion, he never disappoints in a performance, so imagining what he’ll tap into to make Cherry’s story pop onscreen should prove to be a fun thought experiment ahead of its February 2021 release.

Anthony Russo teased the grand vision for Cherry, telling Vanity Fair: “We do think about it as an epic film, and it is very much a person’s life journey. But it does have a little bit of a split personality between being this character study and an epic life cycle.”

To this, Joe Russo also teased the energy and structure of Cherry, elaborating on how this movie feels like six features rolled into one: “He travels a great distance over a 15-year period. The movie’s broken up into six chapters that reflect those different periods, and each one has a different tone. It’s shot with different lenses, different production design. One’s got magical realism. Another chapter is absurdism. Another is horror…There’s a bit of gonzo in it. It’s raw in its tone. He’s a character in an existential crisis.”

Cherry arrives in theaters on February 26, 2021, and will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on March 12, 2021. Check out even more new photos teasing Tom Holland’s new Russo Brothers project below. Get all the Apple TV+ updates you need here.