Top 10 “Canceled” DC Projects Fans Yearn for on the Big Screen

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By Black Widow

The DC cinematic universe is undergoing transformations, prompting fans to reminisce about past canceled projects that still hold appeal.

Here are ten intriguing concepts that could make a comeback as the DCU evolves.

1. Green Lantern 2:

Ryan Reynolds’ popularity surge and the open DC Multiverse could offer a second chance for the Green Lantern series, provided a skilled director takes the reins.


2. Justice League Mortal:

Fans were intrigued by George Miller’s take on the Justice League, which unfortunately never materialized. Revisiting this concept could yield exciting results.

3. Batgirl:

Despite having a completed film in the pipeline, Warner Bros. opted to shelve the Batgirl project. Given its potential contribution to the DCU, fans remain hopeful for its release.

4. Superman Lives:

Tim Burton’s vision for Superman Lives, starring Nicolas Cage, offers an intriguing prospect. This concept might be ripe for revival with Cage’s recent Superman cameo.

5. Snyder Cut Sequel:

Despite the controversy, the Snyder Cut garnered substantial support, opening the door for a sequel that explores an apocalyptic narrative and fresh character dynamics.

6. Batman Beyond:

Fans are eager for a live-action adaptation of Batman Beyond, potentially building on Michael Keaton’s involvement as Batman to create a compelling futuristic Batman tale.

7. Nightwing:

The absence of a dedicated Nightwing film remains surprising, considering the character’s popularity. This project could thrive in the new DCU phase.

8. New Gods:

Ava DuVernay’s ambitious New Gods project was canceled amid DCEU shifts, but its unique approach to underutilized characters could still find a place in the evolving universe.

9. Gotham City Sirens:

Gotham City Sirens, featuring Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, could have empowered DC’s anti-hero lineup. The success of Harley Quinn’s animated show signals potential for this project.


10. Justice League Dark:

Guillermo Del Toro’s vision for a magic-based Justice League Dark film, exploring the supernatural side of DC, could align well with the current DCU direction.

Though these projects faced cancellation for various reasons, the ever-changing nature of the DC cinematic landscape suggests that any of these concepts could stage a comeback in the future.