Top 10 Most Beautiful Disney Movie Romances

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By Wanda

Disney is synonymous with fairytales. The kind of romance Disney has come up with, over the years, is two people falling in love in the blink of an eye. The couples barely have time to get to know each other, but eventually develop majestic chemistry.

The audience has adored the stories of Aladdin and Jasmin from Aladdin, but it takes a certain amount of time for romance to evolve in Beauty and the Beast, at least offscreen. The on-screen romance is short-lived.  But, these stories are so full of love, respect, and care that it melts every heart. The on-screen romance is the most convincing. Today, we’ve compiled a list of Disney couples whose romance is pure and honest.

1. Milo Thatch and Princess Kida

The portrayal of Milo and Kida‘s relationship in Atlantis: The Lost Empire is rather unique according to the standards Disney had earlier set. Though they meet only in the latter half of the movie, there are signs of romantic chemistry between them, but they never kiss. This makes their romance realistic.

The enthusiasm they both had for the lost origins of Atlantis, is what brought them together and they could learn from each other. Their wild spirit and dignity for each other in Atlantis: The Lost Empire binds them as a wonderful romantic couple.

2. Miss Bianca and Bernard

Bianca and Bernard‘s equation in The Rescuers and its counterpart, The Rescuers Down Under, could make anyone absolutely smitten with love. The pure innocence in their chemistry is what draws people to them even more.

Bianca is a bold member of an international mouse organization, while Bernard works as a maintenance staff there. Breaking their box of differences, Bianca acknowledges Bernard’s kind nature and Bernard, her charm. They make an amazing couple, professionally and romantically. They have their engagement only in the sequel.

3. The Princess and the Frog

The characters of Tiana and Naveen have huge differences, yet their promise to stay one is what makes them a brilliant couple. They help each other grow into better people in life, despite being from different states.

They’re completely opposite in nature. While Tiana likes to work, Naveen only wants to have fun. Their ultimate clash in The Princess and the Frog helps them break down the walls they had created around each other. They take from each other. Tiana teaches Naveen how to cook, and Naveen teaches Tiana how important it is to relax and give time to yourself. They’re known to be one of the most beautiful couples on Disney.

4. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Rapunzel and Eugene come to know each other only for a very short time but they try to open up and get to know each other so effectively in those days, that it ignites a wonderful romantic relationship between them. Their communication skills and problem-solving methods are what bind them as a real couple.

Among the many quick scenes in Tangled, their scenes are quiet and real. They become comfortable with each other, engage in conversations, and share their fears and vulnerabilities. They could just be themselves with each other. This is the strongest foundation of their relationship.

5. Lady and the Tramp

The absolutely adorable love story between the two puppies in Lady and the Tramp only highlights how love does not only happen among humans, even animals are entitled to it. Their courage and unity to rise up against evil is what makes them the strongest couple, even though they are from separate backgrounds.

The portrayal of class differences in Disney movies remains unparalleled. Lady is a pet cocker spaniel, while Tramp belongs to the streets, and faces survival challenges every single day. Tramp encourages Lady to step out of luxury and learn to live an independent life, and Lady teaches him the importance of loyalty. The most beautiful moments from the movie include the one where they enjoy a plate of spaghetti together, like humans. They ignite their romance in whatever little time they spend with each other.

6. Beauty and the Beast

Though it started as a magical curse, Belle and the Beast overcome all hindrances and find a way to be with each other.

The tale feels genuine in a way, where looks are stressed on the least. Here, love is earned. They began on the wrong foot, one couldn’t bear the other’s presence. This is until the Beast rescues Belle from a wolf attack, and she takes care of his injuries. They begin with a little virtue named respect and it turns into immense love for each other. The movie is hardly an hour long but their romance, and how they fell for each other’s heart is what keeps the story immortal.

7. Carl and Ellie

We see, only a glimpse of the love story between Carl and Ellie in Up, yet they stand to be Disney’s favorite couple. This says a lot about how time is unworthy when it comes to loving each other. You could spend a lifetime together, yet not love enough, or you could just have a few hours to yourself, yet love in a way no one ever has. Their story in Up is one of the most phenomenal love tales to ever exist in Disney cinema history.

Their story starts from when they were kids, and the other part of their story is an album of the most heartfelt moments they shared together harmonized by instrumental music. Viewers can be all smitten by their love, without the need for dialogue. Their promise of spending their lives together, and later Ellie’s passing, is what draws the audience to the film, makes them emotional, and wins their heart. This has a huge impact on the audience and makes them wish to fall in love, a love like theirs.

8. WALL-E and Eve

Disney and Pixar’s creation WALL-E and Eve explores the concept of love between the most unrealistic entities in life, two robots. This love happens in the course of little to no dialogue exchange.

More than the human characters, WALL-E concentrates on the two robots trying to save the world and make love happen, irrespective of gender, creed, race, caste, color, or even identity. It involves the most beautiful scenes where the robots fly in space and dance after escaping danger. WALL-E and Eve may not possess heartbeats, but they felt more than even humans could.

9. Tarzan and Jane

From different worlds, Tarzan and Jane unite naturally in the movie, Tarzan. Their romance is defined by what they learn from each other and not by the stand that Jane is from Britain and Tarzan is raised in the jungle.

Tarzan protects Jane from the other creatures that could cause danger and teaches her how to mix in the same habitat. In turn, Jane teaches him about the human world and the ability to read, write, and speak English. Their urge to know about each other’s worlds is what brings them together and makes them a real couple.

10.  Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine‘s love in Aladdin is known and remembered for its passionate evolution. The movie revolves around mystical content, like a magic carpet and a genie, but the original love story is way more realistic.

They meet before Aladdin is announced as a prince. They feel free to develop a connection without stressing class differences or royal duties. They meet again and ignite their romance in the gorgeous song, A Whole New World. These moments are what defined their story as real in an unrealistic universe.