Twisted Metal TV Series Cast: All You Need to Know

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By Black Widow

The highly anticipated live-action adaptation of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s popular video game franchise, Twisted Metal, is set to debut on Peacock.

The post-apocalyptic series features an impressive ensemble cast, with Anthony Mackie at the forefront, taking on the role of John Doe, a milkman suffering from amnesia.

The show follows John’s perilous journey to deliver a mysterious package amidst a wasteland infested with ruthless marauders armed with deadly vehicles.

Main Cast and Characters:

Anthony Mackie as John Doe:

Mackie portrays the enigmatic milkman who embarks on a dangerous mission to deliver a mysterious package, gradually unraveling his lost identity as a former government agent from the video game’s lore.

Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet:

Beatriz’s character, Quiet, is an original creation for the series. She aids John in his quest to discover his true identity while wielding an axe for protection.

Samoa Joe as Sweet Tooth:

Former WWE superstar Samoa Joe brings the menacing killer clown antagonist, Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane), to life. His ominous presence poses a constant threat to John Doe’s mission.

Will Arnett (Voice) as Sweet Tooth:

Will Arnett provide Sweet Tooth’s voice, while Samoa Joe handles the character’s physical portrayal.

Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone:

Church plays Agent Stone, a charismatic undercover operative with shades of James Bond. He leads a gang of rogue police officers in the series.

Neve Campbell as Raven:

Campbell’s character, Raven, is the enigmatic figure who hires John Doe for the mission. She dons gothic attire and exhibits a fascination with the titular bird.

Richard Cabral as Loud:

Cabral portrays Loud, Quiet’s brother, an original character designed for the show’s adaptation.

Mike Mitchell as Stu:

Mitchell takes on the role of Stu, one of the menacing Hammerhead monster truck drivers.

Tahj Vaughans as Mike:

Vaughans joins as Mike, the other half of the Hammerhead’s driver duo.

Lou Beatty Jr. as Tommy:

Beatty Jr. portrays Tommy, the mysterious driver of Roadkill, a character shrouded in secrecy.

Michael Carollo as Carl:

Carollo plays Carl Roberts, the law enforcement vehicle Outlaw’s driver, wielding powerful Tazer weapon attacks.

Chloe Fineman as Bloody Mary:

Fineman brings the unstable anti-hero Bloody Mary to life, serving as the driver of Spectre.

Jason Mantzoukas as Preacher:

Mantzoukas embodies Preacher, who roams the wasteland sharing religious visions to seek redemption.

Jamie Neumann as Miranda Watts:

Neumann takes on the role of Miranda Watts, leader of the trucking convoy and granddaughter of Granny Dread.

Diany Rodriguez as Amber:

Rodriguez portrays Amber, as a resourceful botanist unafraid to resort to violence when pushed to her limits.

With a star-studded cast, including Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz, the Twisted Metal TV series promises to captivate audiences with its intense post-apocalyptic narrative and high-octane action.

As the characters navigate a dangerous wasteland, fans can expect an enthralling blend of intrigue, danger, and vehicular mayhem.