Under The Banner Of Heaven Cast Interviews

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By FilMonger

Academy Award-nominee Andrew Garfield got up-close and personal this past Wednesday night at the Hollywood premiere of his new Hulu limited series Under the Banner of Heaven, where he talked about the interesting profession he would have chosen if acting had not worked out.

When talking about the questioning of faith and spirituality that occurs in the upcoming show, Garfield revealed that studying theology was his backup career. However, since the actor just snagged his second Oscar nominations ination for Best Actor for Tick, Tick…BOOM!, it seems he will continue with his initial occupation for quite some time.

Under the Banner of Heaven is a true-crime thriller telling the story behind the murder of a young mother and her 15-month-year-old infant that occurred in the mid-80s.

The limited series is based on the 2003 nonfiction book of the same name