Vanessa Kirby Lands the Role of Sue Storm in the Upcoming “Fantastic Four” Reboot

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By Iron Man

The latest buzz reveals that Vanessa Kirby has been signed to portray the beloved Sue Storm in Marvel Studios’ epic reboot of the Fantastic Four, also known as Invisible Woman.

While no official confirmation has been made, rumors are circulating about the potential casting choices for the other members of the superhero team. Let’s explore the latest developments and the exciting prospects this reboot brings to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Vanessa Kirby Takes Center Stage as Sue Storm

Vanessa Kirby Set to Embark on Fantastic Four Reboot as Sue Storm

Rumors had been swirling for some time about who would be chosen to embody Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Finally, it appears that the search has come to an end with the talented Vanessa Kirby bagging the coveted role. Known for her impressive performances, Kirby’s star power is set to add a new dimension to the character of Sue Storm. Although there hasn’t been an official statement from Marvel Studios or Kirby herself, reports suggest that she has signed on for the role, becoming the first official cast member.

Speculations Surrounding the Rest of the Cast

As the news about Vanessa Kirby’s involvement in the project spreads, fans are eagerly speculating about who else might join the crimefighting foursome. Reports indicate that Matt Smith was offered the role of Reed Richards, but his acceptance is uncertain due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. Meanwhile, Adam Driver, Dev Patel, Glenn Howerton, and Penn Badgley have been associated with the character, keeping the speculation alive.

The Thing and Human Torch Contenders

Apart from the Fantastic Four‘s core duo, rumors are flying about the potential actors to portray The Thing and Human Torch. Mila Kunis and Daveed Diggs have been linked to the role of The Thing, while Paul Mescal has been strongly rumored to be up for the part of Human Torch. Yet, like the other casting rumors, nothing is confirmed as of now. With Vanessa Kirby securing her position as Sue Storm, the focus now shifts to the remaining heroes, heightening the anticipation for further announcements.

A Legacy of Sue Storm

The character of Sue Storm has been brought to life in live-action by Rebecca Staab in the early 1990s, followed by Jessica Alba in the 2005 movie and its 2007 sequel. Kate Mara took on the role in the 2015 reboot. Now, Vanessa Kirby has the opportunity to make her mark as the latest actress to portray this iconic Marvel character. Kirby’s enthusiasm and admiration for Sue Storm bode well for her portrayal, as she aims to honor the legacy of the character in her own unique way.

As May 2, 2025, draws near, fans can’t help but count down the days until they witness this beloved superhero team make their grand entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again.