WandaVision AKA Elizabeth Olsen Bloopers

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Elizabeth Olsen has seen a surge in popularity since Marvel’s new series Wandavisionbecame available for streaming on Disney+. Starring as Wanda in the show, she plays the Scarlet Witch, a superpowered mutant who uses her magical powers to fight crime. 

Although Wandavision has brought Olsen more attention due to its perplexing storyline and cliffhanger endings, it’s not Olsen’s first time starring in the Marvel cinematic universe. She’s also played Wanda in several other Marvel movies, including the Avengers franchise.

Despite how athletic and coordinated Olsen might seem on the big screen as Wanda, she has her fair share of bloopers. In fact, she fell twice while shooting battle scenes in Avengers: Endgame

Even though many of the actors in Marvel movies have stunt doubles to cover their more dangerous action sequences, they still have moments where they have to do the work. Olsen honestly opened up about her less-athletic moments of filming during many interviews

Olsen revealed a hilarious mistake her mom had been making during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonAccording to the actress, her mom had been accidentally calling her the wrong Marvel name for four years. She said:

There are a lot of questions that episode nine of WandaVisionmay or may not answer. What has been confirmed from the show director Matt Shakman is that there will be no surprise tenth episode of WandaVision

Wandavision show has always been Wanda’s story, an exploration of her grief and her path to truly becoming the Scarlet Witch. The possibilities for where Wanda Maximoff can go from the WandaVisionfinale onwards are endless and very exciting.