What the conclusion of The Flash could imply for upcoming DC films

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Post-credits sequences have been an essential part of superhero movies ever since Samuel L. Jackson appeared at the conclusion of 2008’s Iron Man and hinted that the other Avengers will appear. But even if The Flash has a post-credits sequence, it’s largely lighthearted entertainment.

Such sequences used to be all about surprising cameos and hints at upcoming sequels. However, these kind of Easter eggs are becoming a staple of the main dish because to superhero films like The Flash’s focus on several universes. In a sense, Michael Keaton serves as the movie’s second lead.

New Casting For Superman?

The release of The Flash coincides with an odd period for DC Comics movies, since the series continuity that started with 2013’s Man of Steel is still sputtering along even though the new studio chiefs are currently aggressively casting a new Superman.

The Flash

As an adaptation of the 2011 comic book Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Adam Kubert, which launched DC Comics’ “New 52” continuity overhaul, the new movie has the ability to bridge the two periods. Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen goes back in time to stop his mother’s death, much as in that tale, messing up the entire narrative in the process.

Most aspects of Barry’s environment had returned to normal by the film’s conclusion, but not all of them.

The Casting Of The Flash Shenanigans

Ben Affleck reprises his role as the first Batman Barry encounters in The Flash from the earlier Zack Snyder-directed DC films. After Barry travels across time, Keaton takes over as Batman, portraying an older version of the character he created in 1989.

Barry expects to encounter Affleck again after correcting his error, but in the film’s closing seconds, he instead runs into George Clooney.

The Batman

One benefit is that it demonstrates Clooney’s acceptance of his poor performance as the Dark Knight in the commercial failure Batman & Robin from 1997. Clooney has obviously developed a sense of humor about his brief stint as a superhero after years of claiming he wouldn’t even let his family watch Batman & Robin.

Clooney’s appearance also serves as a reminder that many aspects of the franchise’s continuity are currently in doubt. The option exists to change certain characters while keeping others the same.

If The Flash is well enough at the movie office (and the actor’s many rights issues are overcome), Miller’s Barry may make a comeback with new iterations of Superman or Batman.

However, if audiences don’t take to the movie, the speedy character may potentially be killed off. Barry’s character arc, which up until this point had defined him on-screen, is now complete after he accepted the loss of his mother (Maribel Verd) and successfully cleared his father (Ron Livingston).

A New Plan In Place?

Nevertheless, a strategy has already been established. The events of The Flash would lead into the events of the Aquaman sequel, which would lead into the beginning of a new era of television programs and films that James Gunn refers to as Gods and Monsters, according to his January announcement of the DC Universe’s new direction.

The new Batman movie, which will be based on Tom King’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic and introduce Hollywood’s next Dark Knight to lead the DCU, will be directed by The Flash director Andy Muschietti. Gunn is currently casting his Superman: Legacy movie as part of this phase, a reboot of sorts that will focus on a younger Kal-El/Clark Kent instead of Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel iteration.

In the sequel to The Batman, Robert Pattinson will still play the lead role. However, in The Flash lingo, this Robert Pattinson is merely another alternate reality Batman who lives in a different timeline in the DC multiverse. If anything, The Flash’s climax provides the perfect preamble for whatever DC has planned for the future.

You claim there’s a new Superman? Barry altered the chronology, therefore the character is in a new iteration. Does Jason Momoa still portray Aquaman (at least temporarily)? But not everything has changed.

For what it’s worth, The Flash‘s quick post-credits sequence features Barry guiding a clearly inebriated Aquaman (Momoa) inside his apartment. This is evidence that Aquaman at least has been returned to normal, but you presumably already knew that given Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is still scheduled for a December release. Barry had previously struggled to discover evidence of Arthur Curry’s existence.