When Will “The Equalizer 3” Be Available for Streaming?

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By Wanda

Antonie Fuqua’s directed action film, The Equalizer 3 will first make its debut in the theatres, then come out on streaming platforms. Pertaining to the wholesome success OTT  is doing in the world today, it is highly essential for a movie to be available on such digital platforms. It is more handy and comfortable for people who cannot take the time and visit the theatre. So, they can make a movie come to them. The massive audience of streaming can expect to watch the movie soon, at their home.

Fuqua and Washington have re-released the 1980s sitcom again 30 years after its debut as an action movie franchise. The Equalizer 3 is expected to be the final counterpart of the series where Denzel Washington stars as Robert McCall, earlier a military man, who now engages in being there for the less fortunate. The movie has ignited unparalleled excitement from the members and viewers of the franchise and is a turning point in Denzel’s career since it embarks on a reunion between him and Dakota Fanning, years after they did Man on Fire. The plot of The Equalizer 3 starts right where The Equalizer 2 was left off. Robert McCall is now residing in Italy. He is summoned when the locals are exposed to danger by the mafia. In The Equalizer 3, Denzel engages in war against the mafia to safeguard society.

The movie will make its theatre release on September 1, 2023, but a few months after this release, it will eventually be available for streaming at home. Below is all the information we could gather on the streaming release.

The Equalizer 3 is expected to be released for streaming later in January 2024

The film is most likely to be released early next year. Although the theatrical release will be made by Sony Pictures Releasing, the absence of Sony’s sole streaming platform indicates the signing of a deal with Netflix and Disney following the OTT release. Netflix is the primary platform to have streaming rights for Sony, but Disney+ and Hulu came on later as a secondary window. Viewers who cannot make it to the theatres can sit back comfortably and indulge in some action on Netflix in January 2024.

Though Sony or Netflix do not possess a strict streaming release schedule, the movies can always be expected to arrive at least four to six months after their debut in the theatres. The theatre release of The Equalizer 3 in September 2023, a four-month gap following that, directs to the OTT release in January next year. The audience should also be made aware of the fact that, if this action film is a box office hit, Sony could delay the streaming by a few extra months. Pertaining to that, The Equalizer 3 should be made available for streaming at least by March 2024.

The Equalizer 3 will supposedly be available on Digital in November 2023

A second option that the viewers could avail is to watch The Equalizer 3 after its theatrical release, is on its Digital platform. Sony is likely to release the final counterpart on PVOD sometime in the month of November, this very year. We can say so, as the studio generally waits for six to eight weeks after the theatrical release for a Digital release. Following the same pattern, it should be made available in November 2023.

While we wait for The Equalizer 3, we can binge-watch The Equalizer 1 and 2 on Netflix, or rent it on Google Play Movies, Youtube, or Apple TV online.