Why Do People Hate Jared Leto’s Joker?

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By FilMonger

Lately, none of the talks about Jared Leto are good. Despite having a long list of movie credits to be acclaimed for, if you google “Jared Leto,” the search results return plenty of articles about the public’s open distaste for the actor. There’s even an entire page with reasons why he “might be the biggest d-bag in Hollywood.”

But why do people hate Jared Leto so much?

Believe it or not, it all stems back to his mere 10 minutes of screen time in the DC Universe movie Suicide Squad.

It’s not unlike an actor to take their movie roles seriously, extending their personification of the character beyond their time on set. But it wasn’t long after filming had wrapped up that reports started circulating that some of Jared’s antics were more disturbing than anything. Allegedly, he sent a dead rat to co-star Margot Robbie, gifted the entire cast a dead pig, and sent other actors used condoms and anal beads as “gifts.”

Allegedly, this was all done in an effort to better personify the Joker, though it accomplished little more than making his costars feel unsettled and repulsed.

His efforts to one-up Heath’s original Joker ended up backfiring, and by the time the movie aired, Jared’s screen time was cut down to 10 minutes, despite being featured heavily in the trailer.

Considering it seems Jared has burned most of his bridges with anyone involved in the DC Universe, don’t expect him to return as the Joker in any capacity anytime soon — though you’ll be able to watch Joaquin reprise the role for a sequel.