Why is Titanic causing Netflix to face criticism?

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By Aquaman

Due to the terrible timing of catastrophic OceanGate Titan submarine accident, Netflix is facing backlash for bringing James Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic back to the streamer days.

Netflix Have Raised Some Eyebrows

After being added to Netflix’s streaming library, the classic movie Titanic has drawn criticism and sparked a contentious discussion.

The recent submersible disaster that occurred onboard the OceanGate Titan as it was traveling to explore the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where the Titanic debris is located, is what gave rise to this dispute. Five people perished in the tragic collapse of the submersible.

Timing Is Not Netflix’s Friend

Titanic causing Netflix to face criticism

Netflix has come under heavy fire on social media for its choice to show Titanic so soon after the accident involving the submarine. Many people have voiced their displeasure, calling Netflix’s timing insulting and a shrewd attempt to profit on the fatalities related to the Titan submersible catastrophe.

Netflix is currently embroiled in a scandal over which it asserts it has no control. The timing of Titanic’s entry into the streaming service, according to insiders acquainted with Netflix’s licensing procedure, is completely accidental.

Typically, licensing agreements for movies and television series are discussed and decided upon months in advance. Any correlation between the catastrophe and Titanic’s Netflix release date is totally accidental in this circumstance because the deal for Titanic was most likely struck before the Titan submarine went lost.

Titanic causing Netflix to face criticism

Beginning July 1, only Netflix in the United States and Canada will provide Titanic for streaming. It is crucial to mention that, despite the sad submersible tragedy’s indignation and safety worries, the occurrence has highlighted the necessity of adequate certification and safety precautions in experimental deep submergence initiatives.