Will There be a Second Season for Marvel’s WandaVision

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By Scarlet Witch

WandaVision has been one of the most successful series from Marvel. The storyline was on point, and we see Wanda have the world of her dreams, but it all comes down to nothing when she releases she can not change the reality.

The talks of season two haven’t been made for WandaVision, but there is a source that the show can continue. Recently, it’s been confirmed that at least one of the characters from the show will be back in the spotlight soon. There is an MCU star who gave some interesting updates on the show.

Big update on WandaVision Season 2

Debra Jo Rupp in WandaVision

There is no official announcement by Marvel about the renewal of the show with a season two, but the show will ‘kind of’ continue according to Debra Jo Rupp.

In an interview, Rupp indicated that Marvel Studios’ upcoming new Disney+ series, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, will act as a season two of WandaVision. Here’s what she had to say “It’s the second season of ‘Wandavision’ for Marvel. It’s very much like ‘American Horror Story,’ where each season is a whole new kind of a thing.” Rupp said she was not expecting anything more after the show but she was shocked when they called her. She added “But when they called, I got so excited because it’s a character I never get to play. She’s gonna be great fun.”

Big update on WandaVision Season 2

Rupp confirmed that she is playing the same character as Mrs. Hart, and will be going to Atlanta for the next few weeks to shoot for Agatha: Coven of Chaos. She refused to tell any other detail as Marvel is very secretive about their new show. Agatha: Coven of Chaos is now in the production phase, and filming of the show is going on, there is no confirmed release date announced for the show yet.