Wolverine Gets a “Horrifying” Upgrade to His Claws, Courtesy of Dark Phoenix Powers

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In the face of mutantkind’s desperate struggle for survival, Wolverine takes on the mantle of the Dark Phoenix, resulting in a twisted metamorphosis.

X-Men’s formidable warrior, Wolverine, is about to experience a spine-chilling evolution as he absorbs the power of the enigmatic Dark Phoenix. For decades, the reality-bending force known as the Phoenix has loomed over mutantkind, and now Wolverine is undergoing an unprecedented change, propelling his iconic claws into a shocking and grotesque upgrade.

An exclusive glimpse into Jean Grey #2, courtesy of AIPT, reveals a riveting narrative crafted by Louise Simonson, Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo, and Ariana Maher. The comic transports Wolverine into the iconic ‘Dark Phoenix Saga’ of 1980. Sacrificing himself to a watery demise, Wolverine emerges as the latest vessel for the Phoenix Force. The climax of the preview unveils Wolverine’s distinctive Phoenix form, as fiery tendrils radiate from his core, giving rise to new razor-sharp claws that sprout across his body.

Evidently, there’s also a telekinetic element at play, extending the reach of his adamantium-coated weapons beyond his physical form. With Cyclops and Jean Grey donning new attire to support Wolverine, it’s evident that his transformation may have rendered him virtually invincible. Explore a sneak peek of the forthcoming issue along with its official summary below.

Wolverine Embraces the Dark Phoenix

Wolverine Dark Phoenix Transformation Unleashes Horrifying Claws

A pivotal juncture in Jean Grey’s history is unveiled, one where the Dark Phoenix’s choice takes an unexpected turn. The enduring love story between Cyclops and Jean Grey has left an indelible mark on Marvel Comics. Prepare to witness these beloved characters pushed to their limits by a visionary creator. This isn’t mere conjecture—it’s a narrative that reshapes reality itself. But this isn’t an alternate reality scenario. Jean Grey finds herself in an unforeseen situation, and mutantkind’s destiny is equally uncertain. As revelations unfold, Jean Grey lays the groundwork for a startling appearance in the upcoming “Fall of X.”

The recent turmoil at the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala led to Jean Grey’s apparent demise after a fateful encounter with Moira MacTaggert’s blade. Yet, Jean’s complex relationship with the Phoenix has enabled her to traverse the boundaries between life and death multiple times, affording her a unique perspective on resurrection. Within her new miniseries, Jean teeters on the edge of existence, reevaluating her life in pursuit of an alternative outcome.

In the previous issue, Jean delved into the repercussions of the original X-Men retaining their memories following their sojourn into the future, with catastrophic results. Presently, it seems Jean is exploring a reality in which Wolverine claims the Phoenix’s powers instead of her own. The issue’s summary, however, asserts that this is not a mere speculation, hinting at Jean’s ability to manipulate reality in her quest to locate the missing X-Men. Discover the variant covers of the issue below.

Jean’s Ambitious Transformation of Wolverine for the Sake of the X-Men

This installment appears poised to delve into various potential timelines where alternate heroes embody the Phoenix’s might, leading them down the treacherous path of the Dark Phoenix Saga, just as Jean did. While the preview showcases Wolverine’s extraordinary evolution, the cover features a blazing Cyclops, suggesting that Jean is exploring multiple scenarios. It’s worth noting that both Wolverine and Cyclops have previously hosted the Phoenix Force—Scott during the AvX event (marked by his loss of control and tragic act against Charles Xavier), and Wolverine as the ultimate Phoenix host in the ‘King Thor’ timeline.

However, this time, their journey through the cosmic force’s influence may differ significantly, particularly for Wolverine, whose transformation manifests as a proliferation of claws across his form, ignited by a dark inferno. This metamorphosis is poised to reshape the history of the X-Men as a united front. Cyclops and Jean, depicted in somber attire, hint at a departure from their conventional roles within Xavier’s institute.

Jean’s history as a Phoenix host has demonstrated her reality-bending capabilities, enabling her to avert catastrophes of apocalyptic magnitude. With the Hellfire Gala resulting in the presumed loss of 250,000 mutants and Cyclops’ capture and torment by Orchis, it comes as no surprise that Jean Grey is once again challenging fate to secure a triumph. Yet, the decision to infuse Wolverine with the potent darkness of the Dark Phoenix’s power might unleash even greater havoc than anticipated.

Prepare for the release of Jean Grey #2 from Marvel Comics on September 27th.