“Women-Barbies-run everything”: Margot Robbie Discusses the Movie “Barbie”

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By Doctor Doom

In a recent interview, Australian actress Margot Robbie, who’s set to portray the iconic doll Barbie in a forthcoming live-action film, made a bold statement about gender dynamics. Robbie expressed her belief that in Barbie’s world,” women run everything,” in stark contrast to the real world.

Robbie’s commentary exfoliates light on the empowering communication that Barbie has conveyed to generations of girls since her creation in 1959. Barbie has long been associated with female empowerment and breaking gender stereotypes. She has taken on numerous professions, inspiring youthful girls to dream big and believe that they can achieve anything.


The actress further emphasized the significance of Barbie’s impact on society, stating that the doll has always encouraged girls to see themselves in places traditionally dominated by men. From astronauts to doctors, entrepreneurs to athletes, Barbie has been a symbol of measureless possibilities and the notion that women can excel in any field.

However, Robbie’s acknowledgment that Barbie’s world is different from reality highlights the continued struggle for gender equality in colorful spheres. While progress has been made in recent decades, women still face obstacles and underrepresentation in numerous areas, including leadership positions in politics, business, and entertainment.

Robbie’s depiction of Barbie presents an opportunity to bridge this gap, not only by celebrating the doll’s literal impact but also by inspiring real-world change. By highlighting Barbie’s communication of commission, the film can catalyze exchanges about gender equivalency and encourage society to address the systemic walls that continue to exist.