Zendaya was Denied Entry Into a Chic Restaurant in Rome for her Inappropriate Dressing

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By Scarlet Witch

Spider-Man actress, Zendaya had an embarrassing moment when she was denied entry into a very swanky restaurant in Rome for its strict dress code.

Here’s everything you need to know about the incident:

Was Zendaya Denied Entry?

Zendaya had a silly moment when she was visiting Rome’s very known restaurant, Terrazza Borromini. While the actress has a reservation, she was still denied entry because of the restaurant’s strict policy for a ‘smart casual’ style for guests.

Zendaya Denied Entry Into a Chic Restaurant For Inappropriate Dressing

The actor was not dressed up to mark the dress code. Instead, she was wearing a black tube top and cargo pants. With her hair down and curled the star casual look was paired with leather brogues and a designer handbag.

Euphoria star was seen disappointed while talking to the restaurant’s staff, and at last, she ended up eating in dining at a pizzeria accompanied by her friends.

After the incident, her representative denied that it was the case of the dress code of the restaurant, but she claimed that Zendaya changed her mind and chose to eat somewhere else.

Zendaya Denied Entry Into a Chic Restaurant For Inappropriate Dressing

She said “They went to the restaurant and realized that they had eaten there before and decided to try a new restaurant instead. There was no dress code violation or any such thing.” Zendaya’s assistant Darnell Appling also backed her up on social media saying “Well, this is a bald head lie. We never got denied anywhere.” He added, “We all wanted to try a new restaurant and went somewhere else to do so.”