Zoe Saldaña Reacts to Delay of “Avatar” Sequels: “Great! I’m Gonna Be 53

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By Black Widow

The release of “Avatar 3” was pushed back, leading to the postponement of subsequent films

Zoe Saldaña, known for her role as Neytiri in the “Avatar” franchise, recently expressed her disappointment over the delay of the upcoming film series. With “Avatar 3” originally set to release next year but now pushed back to 2025, Saldaña took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts, highlighting the impact on her age by the time the final installment arrives.

A Disheartening Revelation

Saldaña, who was 27 when she filmed the first “Avatar” movie, candidly acknowledged the passage of time with a caption on her Instagram story. She wrote, “Great! I’m gonna be 53 when the last ‘Avatar’ comes out.” The actress playfully expressed her realization of the significant gap between the filming of the initial movie and the projected release of the final one.

Zoe Saldana in "Avatar"

Delays Attributed to Ambitious CGI

The complex nature of the extensive CGI work required for each film has been cited as the primary reason for the postponement of the “Avatar” sequels. Producer Jon Landau addressed the announcement on Twitter, emphasizing that the production team aims to deliver the high-quality experience that both filmmakers and audiences expect. He assured fans that the team is dedicated to bringing them back to the captivating world of Pandora in December 2025.

Long-Term Impact on Cast and Crew

If “Avatar 5” indeed premieres in 2031 as a result of the delays, director James Cameron will be 76 years old at the time. Actor Sam Worthington, who portrays Jake Sully, will be 54, and Sigourney Weaver, known for her various roles in the series, will be 81. The extended timeline reflects the enduring commitment of the cast and crew to bring the vision of the “Avatar” universe to life, even as the passage of time affects their personal lives.

Anticipation Remains for Future Installments

While fans may need to wait longer for the “Avatar” sequels, the enduring popularity and success of the franchise suggest that the wait will be worth it. The captivating world and immersive storytelling crafted by James Cameron have captivated audiences worldwide, building anticipation for the continuation of the saga.

Zoe Saldaña’s reaction to the postponement of the “Avatar” sequels echoes the sentiments of fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the beloved franchise. As the release dates for the films shift further into the future, the commitment of the cast and crew to deliver an exceptional cinematic experience remains unwavering. Despite the delays, anticipation continues to grow, ensuring that when the time comes, audiences will be transported back to the enchanting world of Pandora.