Loki And Thor AKA Tom Hiddleston And Chris Hemsworth Bromance |Bromantic Moments Between Thor & Loki

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On the big screen, they regularly go at each other’s throats (verbally and physically), but between the actors themselves, it is nothing but love

The Marvel Cinematic Universe gave birth to Hollywood’s most successful, beloved, and highest-grossing movie franchise. It also gave birth to one of Hollywood’s most beloved bromances to ever grace Tinseltown. We are talking about the friendship between Thor and Loki themselves, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.

In fact, it is more than love. From the moment they first met each other while preparing to take part in the first Thor movie, these two have had a bonafide bromance. For the past decade or so, both men have enjoyed a friendship that shines not only in front of the camera, but behind the camera.

We get to see their relationship blossom firsthand whenever they show up side by side for anything from a red carpet event, convention, an interview, or any of the following photos.

One of the things about their relationship that is just so endearing is the fact that it took little to no time for the two to connect on a “bro” level. For one of the first red carpet opening events for the first Thor movie, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were already chumming it up nicely.

Chemistry is an infectious thing once seen firsthand, which may explain why so many fans cite Thor: Ragnarok as the best Thor movie. Not only were Hiddleston and Hemsworth able to bounce their chemistry off each other, but it also spread throughout the rest of the cast. As a result, all of the actors and director were able to bond off of the set.

Another beauty about their relationship that even in the middle of a crowded sea of people during an enormous red carpet event for the first Thor movie, their brotherly bond is so strong that they could spot each other from miles away. And when spotted, they find each other like two lost poodles anxious to wag their tails at each other.