Celebrities Struggling To Speak American Accent

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Sofia Vergara was born in Colombia, hence her very real accent.

The 47-year-old model and actress was born in Colombia. She was discovered by a photographer while walking down a Colombian beach and got modeling offers which started her now-impressive career. She is now the highest-paid television actress.

She also has secured licensing deals with SharkNinja Coffee, Rooms To Go, Pepsi, and CoverGirl. She additionally has a line of perfumes that are among the top-selling celebrity fragrances internationally. 

Sofia admitted to trying to get rid of her accent early in her career.

Priyanka Chopra has always been vocal about Hollywood’s diversity problems and although it’s slowly getting better, she admitted that “the struggle is really real.” She has to constantly push back against what Hollywood or even Bollywood thinks she should look or act like.

Chopra isn’t interested in being the person others think she should be. She likes who she is, and doesn’t plan on changing for anyone. Hearing Chopra’s story should make us all angry. Especially, since we know it’s not uncommon for Indian actors to be treated this way.

Emma Watson was perfect in the Harry Potter franchise. Her natural British accent was exactly what the role of Hermione Granger needed. Unfortunately, Emma’s accent isn’t perfect for every role.  

When the new trailer for Little Women dropped, fans harped on Watson’s American accent.  

It’s been five years since Emma Watson last raised a wand as Hermione Granger, but it’s still been a strange journey to see her fully evolve her post-Potter persona as international feminist pixie dream girl and star of films that don’t require her to pretend to see CGI dragons. Part of that evolution has been crossing the classic hurdle of any English actor who wants to be bankable in big Hollywood films: perfecting an American accent.

Gal Gadot struggled with trying to lose her Israeli accent for an American one when starting out in Hollywood.

Beginning her career as a model and winning titles like Miss Israel among others, Gal made the leap into acting when she was cast in Israeli TV series Bubot in 2007.She’s now a bona fide A-lister, and the 32-year-old Wonder Woman star finally feels comfortable with her dialect.

Charlize explained that when she left South Africa she was a young, very Afrikaans teenager. At 16 she had hardly ever spoken English in SA – all her friends and family were Afrikaans, she said… and she became fluent in English by watching TV in the USA.

So she’s more comfortable speaking English in an American accent… but the second she changes to Afrikaans– she has a 100 percent SA accent.