10 Amazing Facts About The Adam Project That Will Make You Love The Movie More

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By Scarlet Witch

Check some interesting facts about Netflix original, The Adam Project.

Warning: Spoiler alert!

1 Before the filming of The Adam Project begin, the makers of the movie director Shawn Levy and writer Jonathan Tropper visited Ryan Reynolds to talk about the tone of the movie.

Amazing Facts About The Adam Project

2 The pre-production of the movie happened at the time of the pandemic which means Ryan was talking to five different potential young Adams.

3 Casting director of the movie Carmen Cuba auditioned 376 boys to find the perfect young Adam.

4 Walker Scobell was cast as young Adam in just 18 days after he sent his self-recorded audition video.

Amazing Facts About The Adam Project

5 Walker Scobell was a big fan of Ryan Reynolds even before being cast with him. He can recite his dialogues from Deadpool word to word.

6 The Adam project is the second time Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy. They first worked together on Free Guy, and Levy will be directing Deadpool 3.

7 The Adam Project made a great reunion. Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner were seen together after 13 going 30 in 2004.

8 Jennifer Garner agreed to play the character of Ellie without even reading the script as she felt super connected to the role.

Amazing Facts About The Adam Project

9 Reynolds says that The Adam Project is very close to his heart as he had a very complicated relationship with his father who is not with us anymore.

10 Ryan Reynolds not only acted but also wrote one of the most touching scenes of the movie. He wrote the heartfelt between Adam and Ellie as a tribute to his own mother.