Top Gun Maverick Behind The Scenes

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By Scarlet Witch

Tom Cruise’s adventure-action movie, Top Gun Maverick have some great behind the scenes!

Top Gun Maverick has been one of the biggest hits of Tom Cruise.

Fans also liked this movie as they got all the action and adventure they anticipated. From racing motorcycles to being strapped outside on an Airbus 400 at lift-off Tom has always given the thrilling experience of watching his movies.

Though Tom Cruise never disappoints when it comes to action, the bar was very high when it came to Top Gun Maverick.

Top Gun Maverick behind the scenes

The crew of the movie was highly under pressure to do things above average.

The movie was to be made in a way that leaves the audience’s mind blown. The editor of the movie Eddie Hamilton says that The bar was set impossibly high every day of filming, you can’t put average shots in Top Gun. You are constantly combing the dailies looking for something better.”

Top Gun Maverick Behind The Scenes

The original Top Gun (1986) set the bar very high, and that is why the film’s aerial dogfights were to be not only matching but also topped. The crew did a commendable job and made sure that the sequel is as good as the original.

Top Gun Maverick Behind The Scenes

Cruise says about the film production, “I can’t just stick an actor in an F/A-18, “Not only are they going to pass out, there are so many things happening in that airplane. You have cameras. You have lighting. You have performance. They’ve got to be pulling Gs. They’ve got to be low. They have to have that experience in that aircraft. You see it. You feel it. You can’t fake it.’”