Celebrities Who Were Attacked By Fans In Public | Fans Attacking Celebrities | 2020

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Gigi Hadid Gets Attacked By Man in Milan – The model was attacked in the streets in Milan, as she and her sister, Bella, fought through crowds The  attacker approached Hadid from behind and lifted her up. As Bella rushed to help her sister, Gigi threw an elbow to attacker’s face and freed herself. Watch this for yourself now.

Unfortunately, not everyone gave Gigi credit where credit was due for protecting herself when physically assaulted. Following the incident, UK tabloids published images of the model paired with negative headlines like, “Not model behavior.”

Several Twitter users came to Gigi’s defense and criticized the publications for not applauding Hadid.

As captured in a video on Twitter, Cyrus appeared to be attacked by an unknown person who grabbed her from behind and attempted to kiss her.

While leaving their hotel, Cyrus and her ex husband Liam Hemsworth were mobbed by fans. The singer was behind Hemsworth greeting fans who were taking photos of her. Then, someone can be seen in the video reaching out and grabbing Cyrus by her hair and pulling her towards them by her neck.

Pop star Justin Bieber was playing the piano when the man jumped onto the stage and grabbed him from behind.

In chaotic scenes, Bieber managed to free himself and run to the side of the stage while security guards tried to tackle the man.the fan tipped the piano over and he was eventually caught by security guards

Lady GaGa was swamped by fans as she stepped out of her Central London hotel this afternoon. Lady GaGa was greeted by over 100 screaming and excited fans as she left her London hotel and made her way 5 minutes away to the BBC building.

While signing autographs outside of the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio, Adam Levine was randomly attacked with a powdered sugar bomb. 

An over-excited fan managed to climb on stage and grab Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, before security stepped in.

Kim Kardashian was tackled by a prankster at Paris Fashion Week, Yes, the scary incident took place as the reality star was exiting her limo in the street to attend the fashion show where hundreds of fans were on scene. 

The crowd was HUGE, and as Kim tried to make her way through, she was quickly tackled by an unknown person who lunged at her legs, and they almost knocked her down to the ground.

Say what you want about Kim, but this video is scary. Though her husband Kanye West got out of the car on the other side, Kim’s mom Kris Jenner watched the whole incident happen and you can hear her screaming “STOP IT!” as Kim was nearly taken down.