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Despite Tony’s heartbreaking death in 2019’s “Endgame,” the two stars have remained close. Amid news that Holland will be departing the MCU due to a deal between Sony and Marvel falling through, the actors often meet up to spend time together.

Zendaya and Tom Holland might not be together in a romantic sense. Yet they’re very close.Tom and Zendaya forged their friendship on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. They hadn’t interacted before being cast in Spider-Man’s big solo debut in the MCU. 

Doctor Strange and Spider-Man don’t share many scenes together in the MCU, but Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland make quite the pair when they do press for the Marvel movies. It’s hard to say if they’re friends in the sense that they hang out together away from Marvel’s green screens, but the pair definitely share a bond.

Spider-Man may no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but as far as Tom Holland is concerned, the actors in that franchise will always be like family. Especially RDJ and Chris Hemsworth.

Daisy Ridley and Tom H young and talented leads of two of the biggest film properties on Earth: the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars. And now Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland are pairing for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Chaos Walking.

Naomi Watts has revealed that she was very impressed with her young  co-star Tom Holland.She revealed in an interview that she came to truly respect  Holland.

Chris Evans and Tom Holland share a special friendship and you should definitely watch this video of Chris Evans talking about Tom Holland’s Spiderman audition.

Did you know that Tom H actually found a new Insta BFF this lockdown? Yes, you guess it right we are talking about Justin Bieber. This Insta live between Justin and Tom is so adorable and will def bring. Smile on your face.

Old Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield talks about how much he loves Tom Holland as Spiderman. ITs interesting to see how beautifully these actors appreciate other actors work without shying away.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are amazing co stars and real life friends. However, they cannot stop pulling each other’s legs like any BFFs in the world.

Guess what? The lenged Stan lee’s favourite character too is Spiderman and he thinks Tom Holaand is the perfect Spiderman.

Watch FilmArty’s full video on celebrities who love Tom Holland and cannot stop praising him.