Marvel Cast Swearing All The Time

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By FilMonger

Avengers: Endgame is finally out in theaters, and we’re here to answer the biggest question we know you had going into the movie: which Avenger has the biggest potty mouth?

The answer… well, probably won’t surprise you if you’ve watched every movie in the MCU to date (or at least the Iron Man ones). See below for our full tabulation of every time an Avenger swears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, counted up through Avengers: Infinity War.

There are almost no surprises on this list. The Avenger with the worst potty mouth, by far, is Tony Stark. He clocks in at 44 swear words, mostly of the “ass” variety. Perhaps it’s in his nature to be playful, perhaps it’s from his years of selling weapons in some of the darkest places in the world. Whatever the reasons may be, if the Avengers had a swear jar, Tony would be putting in the most money. He is a Stark, after all.

Coming in behind Tony, not close behind, but close enough, is Thor. Interestingly, Thor had the cleanest mouth for many years in the MCU, right through Thor, The Avengers, The Dark World, and Age of Ultron. It was in Thor Ragnarok, however, Thor picked up phrases like “what the hell”, “screw it”, and “son-of-a-b***h.” While (very old SPOILERS!) Thor can’t be blamed for being upset about the death of his father, it’s very likely that he picked up those phrases by hanging out with the other Avengers.

Of all the Avengers, Vision is the winner here — if there is a winner — with zero swear words. He does say that he was born yesterday, but even then, as a computer programmed by Tony Stark, his vocabulary is remarkably clean.

Quicksilver and Wanda each drop one swear word, while Steve Rogers drops nine. So, Rogers, I guess you have to put money in that swear jar too. “Language!”

Were you surprised at who had the cleanest potty mouth? Let us know in the comments below! And for more on all things MCU, click through the below gallery to see which movies and shows are coming out next.