Never Have I Ever Season 2 Cast Funny Moments

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By FilMonger

There comes a point in many women’s lives when it doesn’t matter how dreamy the hair, how chiseled the abs or how charmingly oblivious a dude seems to be: If he’s keeping you a secret, he definitely doesn’t deserve you.

Devi Vishwakumar comes to that realization in Episode 9 of Never Have I Ever‘s sophomore season, in which she informs Paxton Hall-Yoshida that if he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend in public, he no longer gets to make out with her in private.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already binged all 10 episodes of Never Have I Ever season 2, following our fave Devi through all the twists and turns and questionable decisions as she navigates the love triangle between herself, popular guy Paxton, and former bf Ben.

The second season of the hit high-school comedy, created by Mindy Kailing, was highly anticipated, and fans are already calling for a third season.

By the end of Never Have I Ever‘s second season, Devi has experienced life with two boyfriends, zero boyfriends, and now, one very hot boyfriend. The season finale saw Paxton and Devi rekindle their relationship just in time for the school’s winter dance.

Devi’s other former love interest, was also at the dance, watching this perfect moment unfold. And just as Ben started to look bummed, Eleanor (Ramona Young) let him in on a little secret: Devi wanted to choose him at the start of all of this. In other words, he’s not totally out of the race … if he doesn’t want to be.

Needless to add, in true Devi style, her methods at managing her various challenges becomes problematic for everyone around her, including her best friends Fabiola Torres and Eleanor Wong