Spiderman No Way Home Cast And Their Friendship

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Spider-Man: No Way Home cast has opened up on her friendship with each other as the three of them have been filming the Spider-Man movies together for a long time now! During Entertainment Weekly’s Around the Table video interview, the three actors reflected on their onscreen and off-screen bonds.

Holland, Batalon and Zendaya were cast in the Spider-Man movies from 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Since then, the three have been inseparable when it comes to their incredible friendship.

The trio has been in many scenes together and has had several experiences while filming the three Spider-Man movies that they have been in.

“We’ve grown up together in real life, and our characters have grown up together,” Zendaya told Entertainment Weekly. The actress lauded the other two actors noting that “it has been really special to share all those moments with each other.”

What’s cooler than being Spider-Man’s real-life brother? Being Spider-Man’s real-life brother and landing a part in Spider-Man: No Way Home! That tops the charts of the coolest things to happen to a “regular” person ever.

Tom Holland’s younger siblings are lucky enough to call their big brother ‘Spider-Man’ – I mean, they probably don’t – but they’ve clearly complimented Tom enough to be given a chance to star in an actual Marvel movie.

The Peter Parker actor, 24, is one of four, with twin brothers Harry and Sam who are 22, and little brother Paddy, 16.

Harry is also an actor and budding director, with a few film appearances already under his belt. He’s also directed short films such as Roses for Lily

Tom Holland occasionally brings up his sibling in an interview, whether it be to talk about their creative endeavors or to make a joke.