8 UNBELIEVABLE Squid Game Facts!

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By Tony Stark

Squid Game has become an overnight sensation. The Squid Game series is currently the most-watched show on Netflix and is on pace to shatter streaming records. Who would have thought a show about adults playing life or death children’s games for money would be so entertaining? In addition to an eerie premise, Squid Game has multiple layers of depth that will keep fans theorizing and guessing indefinitely. There’s a ton to unpack in Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Squid Game, but here are seven incredible details you may have missed. 

Squid Game Was Originally Suppose to be a Movie 

That’s right, nine episodes of intense emotions and eerie violence jam-packed into a two-hour film. Initially, Hwang’s Squid Game was a feature-length film, but for years his script was turned down by production studios. Eventually, he decided to flesh out the movie into a nine-episode series. 

Squid Game’s Original Name Was Six Round 

When Netflix picked up Hwang Dong-hyuk’s series, it was initially titled “Six Round.” To win the massive cash prize, the contestants had to complete six life or death challenges. The final challenge was the squid game, which became a tenant of the story. Ultimately the producers switch the title to Squid Game, and the rest is history. 

The Old Man Was Behind It All 

If you don’t see a character die on-screen, you can’t officially declare them dead. During the tear-jerking marble challenge, the old man accepts his loss to Seong Gi-hun, and as Gi-hun walks to victory, we hear a gunshot in the distance. Later, we learn that the old man didn’t die; instead, he’s been pulling the strings the entire time. This twist could have been caught by keen sleuthing eyes because the clues were throughout the show. What a twist! 

The Shapes Identify Rank 

This one is a bit of a stretch, but the triangles, squares, and circles seem to indicate rank. Throughout the show, the interactions and treatment of the various shapes show a hierarchy structure. My YouTube video goes into further depth with examples, but it seems that the Circles are the highest, the Squares are in the middle, and the Triangles are the lowest. 

The Six Squid Games Are Depicted on the Cafeteria Walls 

In cryptic shows like Squid Game, it’s critical to keep one’s eyes peeled. In the main cafeteria area surrounded by hundreds of beds, the cafeteria walls have cave-art-style depictions painted on them. Those pictures detail the games that the contestants would be playing. Seeing these pictures probably wouldn’t give an advantage to anyone, but it’s a well-hidden Easter egg. 

The First Game’s Doll is 100% Real!

Care to visit a giant-sized robot doll that aided in hundreds of deaths? Can’t say I’d be the first to sign up. The production team borrowed this giant-sized doll for filming and brought it back once upon finishing. If you’re interested in seeing the lovely robot, this death machine can be found in Jincheon County, a couple of hours away from Seoul. 

The Phone Number is Real. DON’T CALL IT! 

There’s a visible phone number in the first episode of Squid Game for potential contestants to accept their invitation. Upon many phone calls, fans discovered that the phone number is 100% real, but it has no connection to the film. The poor fella has received thousands of phone calls as a result. 

All the Character’s Deaths Were Foreshadowed

Pay close attention to the actions of each character in Squid Game. Their demises eerily match up to their previous choices. There’s a hefty vibe of karma in this show, but most of the “karma” feels undeserved. Characters like Ali who got betrayed in the marble game. That crap will rip your heart out. 

Squid Game has a ton of stones to turn over, and it’s definitely worth the watch. Go out internet sleuths and find more Squid Game secrets. Also, you can read more great content from FilMonger here.