A Look at Michael Keaton’s “Deleted” Vulture Cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home Through Concept Art

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By Bruce Wayne

In a surprising revelation, new concept art from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: No Way Home has unveiled a deleted cameo featuring Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. the Vulture. Keaton’s absence from the MCU since his role as the menacing antagonist in Spider-Man: Homecoming left fans wondering about his potential return, and it seems Marvel and Sony are considering a comeback in the 2021 Multiverse-centric Spider-Man film.

The Abandoned Vulture Cameo

Concept artist Phil Saunders recently shared intriguing artwork showcasing what could have been Michael Keaton’s appearance as the Vulture in No Way Home. Saunders explained that Keaton’s availability for filming might have been the primary obstacle that led to this cameo being discarded. In this alternate version of the film, Peter Parker would have sought the assistance of a former adversary to rehabilitate the displaced villains from different dimensions.

Saunders described the initial concept: “An early version of Spider-Man: No Way Home had Peter enlisting the aid of a former foe in rehabilitating the captured multiverse villains. Much fun would have been had watching him frog-march the multiversal miscreants across town with the help of Doc Ock’s hacked tentacles. It was a great joy to try to capture the diverse attitudes of these incredible actors.”

A Webbed-Up Confrontation

The concept art displayed Peter Parker arriving at the Vulture’s doorstep with the Green Goblin and Electro securely webbed up, while Doctor Octopus struggled to free himself from his own tentacles. Although the artwork doesn’t reveal the exact nature of the Vulture’s involvement in curing the villains, it hints at a collaborative effort between Peter and his former foe.

Keaton’s potential return to the MCU has been a topic of speculation, especially considering his recent reprisal of Batman in The Flash. His appearance in the post-credits scene of Sony Pictures’ Morbius in 2022 suggested a willingness to continue participating in the shared superhero universes. However, logistical challenges, including the interconnected nature of these universes, may need to be addressed before any official return.

The Future of Spider-Man and Keaton’s Vulture

While Spider-Man remains on the outskirts of the MCU amidst ongoing industry strikes, the development of Spider-Man 4 is in its early stages. With rumors suggesting a sequel won’t hit theaters until Summer 2025, Marvel and Sony have time to decide whether to bring back Michael Keaton’s Vulture for another action-packed adventure.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available on Starz and for digital and physical home purchases, offering fans a chance to explore the Multiverse and its tantalizing what-ifs.