A Look At Zendaya’s “Deleted” Green Goblin Fight Scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home

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By Bruce Wayne

A recently revealed concept art from Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: No Way Home has shed light on a deleted scene that never made it to the final cut. This intriguing moment would have seen Michelle Jones (MJ), played by Zendaya, engaging in a battle with Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. Although it didn’t make it to the screen, it provides a glimpse into the creative process behind the film.

The Missed Battle Zendaya vs. Green Goblin

In the climactic showdown of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Green Goblin emerged as the ultimate adversary, wreaking havoc on the trio of Peter Parkers. Willem Dafoe brilliantly embraced the madness of his iconic Spider-Man villain. However, fans missed out on seeing Zendaya’s MJ in a more action-packed role.

The Unseen Moment

Marvel Studios concept artist Phil Saunders recently shared concept art that showcased a deleted moment. In this unreleased sequence, Zendaya’s MJ was set to drop onto the Green Goblin’s back just after the Goblin had stabbed Spider-Man. MJ’s mission was to plunge an antidote needle into the Green Goblin’s neck, attempting to cure him of his malevolent alter ego.

The Dynamic Composition

Saunders described this concept art as “one of the most fun keyframes” he worked on for Spider-Man: No Way Home. He explained that it was a part of an earlier script version where the Green Goblin had just wounded Spidey. In this intense moment, MJ would have played a crucial role in the battle, and the art captures the drama of the scene.

The Imagery

In the artwork, the Green Goblin is seen holding Spider-Man by the throat, with Zendaya’s MJ clinging to the Goblin’s back using her legs. She appears ready to administer the antidote, symbolizing a turning point in the fight. The imagery also depicts Peter Parker’s blood on the Goblin’s arm, hinting at the high stakes of the battle.

Zendaya’s Future in the MCU

While this deleted scene remains an intriguing “what could have been,” fans are left wondering when Zendaya will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The most likely scenario is her appearance in the upcoming Spider-Man 4, which is currently in development.

Ensuring Zendaya’s Return

Reports suggest that both Sony and Marvel are committed to accommodating Zendaya’s schedule for Spider-Man 4, emphasizing her importance in the MCU. While the exact nature of her role is still undisclosed, her status as a major movie star makes her a likely candidate for a significant presence in the film.

The revelation of this deleted Green Goblin fight scene featuring Zendaya’s MJ adds an exciting layer to the behind-the-scenes workings of Spider-Man: No Way Home. While fans didn’t get to witness this battle on-screen, it sparks curiosity about Zendaya’s future in the MCU and the potential for her character to play a pivotal role in the upcoming Spider-Man 4.

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