Quavo Meets Kamala Harris to Address Gun Violence Following Nephew’s Death

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By Black Widow

Quavo, known for his music career as part of Migos, has turned his personal tragedy into advocacy against gun violence. His nephew, Takeoff, lost his life to gun violence last year, prompting Quavo to take action. He headed to Washington to meet with members of Congress and discuss the urgent issue.

In a statement to CNN, Quavo expressed the importance of his advocacy, stating,

Music is storytelling, and no one can tell my story better than me. For me and my family, the fight against gun violence is personal and not something we are going to forget.

He emphasized that they are bringing the voices of countless families affected by gun violence with them to Washington.

Meetings with Political Leaders

During his visit to Washington, Quavo met with several political leaders, including Vice President Kamala Harris. He participated in the Congressional Black Caucus legislative conference, where the discussion revolved around community intervention strategies, battling gun violence, and the power of advocacy.

On the panel, Quavo joined Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, Rep. Lucy McBath, who tragically lost her teenage son to gun violence, and Greg Jackson of the Community Justice Action Fund. Together, they engaged in a solutions-oriented conversation to address the pressing issue of gun violence.

Seeking Solutions and Change

Quavo highlighted the need for better gun control and expressed concerns about the accessibility of firearms to individuals who make bad decisions. He emphasized the importance of implementing measures to prevent incidents of gun violence, particularly within communities and cultures deeply affected by it.

He also questioned how to ensure the safe use of guns while preventing them from falling into the wrong hands. Quavo acknowledged that finding solutions is a complex task but emphasized the importance of making choices that contribute to safer environments.

Advocating for Legislation

Quavo and Greg Jackson are working together to pass the Break the Cycle of Violence Act, which aims to provide a $6.5 billion federal grant to communities. This grant would support efforts to curb gun violence, establish prevention programs, offer job training, and develop workforce opportunities for youths.


To enact meaningful change, Quavo stressed the need for resources. He expressed the desire to bring back resources to his community and culture to address the issue effectively. Quavo aims to develop after-school programs and support areas where community centers have closed, making a positive impact on the lives of young individuals.

Remembering Takeoff

Takeoff, whose real name was Kirsnick Khari Ball, tragically lost his life to gun violence outside a downtown bowling alley in Houston in November 2022 at the age of 28. While he was at a private party with Quavo when an altercation occurred, Quavo was unharmed. The suspect, Patrick Xavier Clark, was indicted on a murder charge and awaits trial.

Quavo’s advocacy against gun violence reflects his commitment to making a difference and preventing similar tragedies from occurring in the future. His efforts, including meetings with political leaders, shed light on the urgent need for gun control and community-based solutions to tackle this critical issue.