Anna De Armas and Chris Evans in Bloopers and Gag Reel of Ghosted

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By Jean Grey

A movie that includes comedy, drama, and action altogether Ghosted directed by Dexter Fletcher became Apple TV’s most-watched film debut even after facing negative reviews from the critics.

Starring Anna De Armas and Chris Evans Ghosted is a movie that depicts a tale of Sadie and Cole who met in Washington D.C. at Farmer’s Market as two lonely individuals. Soon they end up having an all-night date, and how Cole thinks about Sadie “Ghosting” him which motivates Cole to find Sadie.

Ghosted being an action movie still drew less attention amongst the audience and according to Samba Tv it had almost 3.1 Million views on television households. It scored 26% on Rotten Tomatoes and Variety called it “Over the top and convoluted.”

Bloopers of Ghosted Movie

Director of Ghosted Movie skipped the Chemistry test for Chris Evans and Anna De Armas as he thought they both would just get it “naturally,” this had critics have thumbs down.

“I didn’t think audiences had outgrown it prior, and I still don’t think they have, despite the fact, I mean, technically I think we did okay on, in terms of viewership. Critics didn’t like it. But that’s more the fault of the movie as opposed to the appetite of the audience. I think the appetite’s there, if it’s done properly. We could have been better.”

Chris Evans

However even if the movie had performed critically Low the funny moments are never going to fail, in the blooper video you can see how Chris and Anna are enjoying. The onset director of Ghosted even revealed some of the off-screen chemistry between Armas and Evans.

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