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By Jean Grey

Based on the biography of Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari movie focuses on the personal and professional struggles of the Italian Founder Enzo Ferrari: The Man The Cars The Races The Machine who manufactured the Ferrari S.p.A during the era of 1957 in Summers.

Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz stars in this latest film to be released in theatres. Ferrari a story about Enzo entering his sports car company’s team into the 1957 Mill Migla Race.

Image The story of Enzo Ferrari a former race car driver turned automobile is front and centered we see how he lived with both his wife and his lover how he worked and crucially what happened around the catastrophic 1957 Mil Miglia Race. Where one of the cars crashed into a group of spectators killing and launching a years-long legal entanglement.

Talking about the box office response Ferrari movie got counted under having a good response. It collected worldwide a total of 14.7 million. Alongside the Boys in the Boat and the Color Purple was released which was believed to be collecting more than the Ferrari movie, but it ended up with a good response and it collected a total of 10.9 million over its first week of release.

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Aside from Michael Man giving his all in this film, he wasn’t the only one. Adam Driver had to wear a skull cap, wig, and neck prosthetics to become Enzo Ferrari and went on to explain what that detailing process was like,

“Probably 2-3 weeks of prosthetics, even after we shot the first week Michael wanted to make an adjustment. His kind of theory is sometimes prosthetics become so advanced and they’re so well done and you look at it and you acknowledge that’s impressive but it kind of divorces you  from the actor playing it, and he wanted to connect with him right away,”

In the BTS we get to see a close-up look at the cars that were used and how the cars were made. Not just choosing any old car for the film. Those cars were made from aluminum body panels where the guys hammered out the aluminum in the shapes necessary.

They also were hammer-welding them together and it’s absolutely gorgeous. There was a point to even dropping the idea of painting the cars so the authentic craftsmanship was displayed. There were massive challenges while re-creating the vintage cars that crashed and burnt on-screen.

Responses from critics were mixed and favorable but according to rotten tomatoes 73% of 185 reviews were positive.

“There is an unstoppable force at the center of Michael Mann’s Ferrari. It is fast, fierce, and wildly unpredictable. One moment it has you in the throes of ecstasy; the next, fearing for your life. And when you see it coming around the bend, it’s curtains. Don’t even bother putting up a fight. You’ll lose. I’m talking, of course, about Penélope Cruz”

-Marlow Stone, Rolling Stone

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