Arkham Asylum Characters We Could See in the Show

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By Star-Lord

What are some of the characters fans expect to see on the show?

With the enormous critical and financial success of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, it comes as no surprise that a sequel, along with two spin-off shows, is slated to take fans deeper into Reeve’s vision of Gotham and its Dark Knight. One of the shows will focus on the lore of Batman villains, such as the Arkham Asylum.

There are many different villains in the Batman universe that could be introduced in a show set in Arkham Asylum. There is still a lot to look forward to with the potential characters who may appear on the show, even though there is no release date or cast yet.

Killer Croc

One constant in the comics is that Killer Croc is kept in the sewer of the Asylum. The show could use Killer Croc to add a scare factor.

There’s a good chance that Killer Croc could be used in the Batman universe because of the many different ways this character could be used.


Dr. Jonathan Crane is the evil, dark, and corrupt institution fans know it to be. The doctor is a staff member at the asylum. After Crane starts his criminal run, he becomes an inmate of the asylum after experimenting on the criminals of Arkham with his fear toxin.

It’s difficult to say if the show will use the corrupt doctor version of Scarecrow or the criminal who pays the debt for his crimes. Regardless of which route the show chooses to use, it’s certain that Scarecrow suits a show about a notorious prison.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is one of the most unique and intelligent villains in Batman’s rogue’s gallery, even though fans usually forget about the last live-action iteration of her. Poison Ivy has the power to control plant life and also use toxins to manipulate men, so she has many different threats that cause her to be locked up.

Poison Ivy’s appearance in the show centered around Arkham Asylum could finally give the villain a live-action treatment since she’s not shown to be as evil or unstable as most of Batman’s villains.

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is one of the most sympathetic Batman villains. He is not as violent or villainous of a criminal as many others he only resorts to criminal acts to save his wife. The only place that is cold enough for Mr. Freeze is in the institution.

It’s not clear if Mr. Freeze will have a big impact on the show. The King of Cold is one of the more unique patients at the Asylum and there is a good chance that a fan could get a glimpse of him.


Fans speculated that the green toxin used by Batman was similar to the green venom/toxin that is the root of the villain’s power. There is a hint of his existence in the Batman universe, which gave fans hope that he could face off against Batman in the future.

A Matt-Reeves-inspired take on the character would be very interesting for fans to see in the upcoming show.