Jessica Jones and Luke Cage: Reunion On Disney+

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By Star-Lord

Is it possible that Mike Colter has a picture with Krysten Ritter that teases a team-up for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage on Disney Plus?

All of the Netflix Marvel shows reached a conclusion in 2019. In typical conditions, this could appear as though it was because of the low evaluations and absence of watchers however obviously wasn’t true, and there was seriously happening here.

Fans believed the stage was set for the characters to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Disney got the rights to them less than two years later. This may sound crazy, but it doesn’t end there.

In 2021, Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil showed up in Spider-Man: No Way Home. A second that fans in the theater were eager to see. All of this seems like force going into carrying the Man Without Fear to Disney Plus. Then, at that point, it was affirmed, as a Daredevil show is in progress for the web-based feature.

Daredevil may not be the only hero coming to Disney Plus. Is Jessica Jones next?

Are they both returning to Marvel Studios?

Outside of the show they starred in, Mike and Krysten have a great friendship. There are many pictures of them having fun. They wish each other a happy birthday, smile, and look to have fun together. The two friends posted the same picture on their separate accounts. The only difference is the caption. Krysten added a heart symbol to the tag. Colter’s said, “Big Tease #marvel #thedefenders #lukecage #jessicajones”

This may not mean anything if the writer is being honest. Fans are excited about a quick post with a few choices. If you’re a fan of the character and co-star of the popular show, this could mean a resurgence.

Both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage ended abruptly. Jessica Jones decided to stay in New York. The new Kingpin of Harlem was Luke Cage. There is a comic book story at the end of their stories. The fans never got to see them get married.

There is a lot left for the two to offer. The shows would be better on Disney Plus according to this writer. Fans are hoping for a tease from Mike Colter. There is a lot left for the Defenders to accomplish. Hope it happens on Disney Plus.