Avengers MCU: ‘Robert Downey Jr BACK’ but with two major twists

rdj return as iron man in mcu

AVENGERS STAR Robert Downey Jr ‘will return as Tony Stark’ in the next phase of the MCU based on the Secret Wars storyline, but with two major changes to the Iron Man character.

Avengers Endgame climaxed with the devastating death of one of the central Avengers. Iron Man. Unlike the dramatic ‘Snap’ of the previous movie Infinity War, however, there will definitely be no reversing of such a monumental sacrifice in the next coming Marvel movie Phases. So how can Downey Jr’s iconic Tony Stark return to the screen? And no, it’s not as an AI voice, hologram or any sort of flashback. or memory. According to a new leak, he will actually be there, live and in person.

Endgame wasn’t just teh sequekl to Infinity War, it brought to a close an entire saga of 22 movies that started back in 2008 with the first Iron Man movie. 

These movies, which form the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phases 1-3, all operated under the eoverarching storyline of the Infinity Stones. Spider-Man Far From Home, although also released in 2019, is viewed separately, talking place after the events of Endgame.

The studio has already started announcing some of the movies for Marvel Phase 4 and 5 but not the main overarching theme. However, major sources in the US are confident they know what is coming and how Downey Jr fits into the new scheme without undermining Tony Stark’s powerful arc so far.

The souce claims that the MCU will take inspiration from both rounds of the Secret Wars comics.

It said: “Rather, like the old comic books themselves, it’ll be a line-wide crossover, a series of MCU films and Disney+ TV series telling a different part of the story until they are all linked together in the cinematic finale(s). If it proceeds like it’s being discussed, it will be a mammoth and ambitious undertaking.

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