Celebrities Who Absolutely Hate Each Other

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Ever had coworkers that have left you gritting your teeth with rage? Well, the following celebs know the unholy fury of having to work alongside someone they hate.Remember how Tom Cruise threw shades at Brooke Shields for using drugs for depression in public and later apologising to her. 

Every now and then, we hear of a celebrity feud evolving. Let’s take Donald Trump as an example, the President of the United States seems to be creating enemies on a regular basis.

These feuds can also result in permanent hatred between celebs. Here in this story, we have gathered such instances of celebrities hatred. So, let’s have a look!

The Carey/Minaj beef began when the singer and rapper appeared as judges in the show, American Idol. In an interview, Mariah said , “It was like going to work every day in hell with Satan.” As soon as this interview got published, Nicki attacked Mariah by saying ,  think these statements are enough to show the anger they have towards each other.

Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman might’ve appeared together in the film, Secret in Their Eyes, but these two beauties do not like each other. According to reports , Julia Roberts does not like the way how Nicole treats her crew.

Julia said that she treats them like servants and doesn’t even talk to them. Well, Nicole did not respond to these comments, but I am sure that there is bad blood between these two ladies.

These two stars hate each other because of ladies . According to U.S. Weekly, Orlando Bloom got angry when Justin Bieber flirted with his ex, Miranda Kerr. 

But, this was just the beginning, Justin experienced the same thing when Bloom was spotted with Selena Gomez.

They both are reality stars and are known for their high-profile sex tapes. But, Paris did not like the way people began to give Kim more attention than her and their friendship ended.

After the end, they began to diss each other in public, and there’s no chance that they are coming back together.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s hatred towards each other began in 2013 over some dancers that appeared in their concerts. Later in 2014, Taylor Swift said that she targetted a female pop star in her song, Bad Blood. Cam

Taylor also said, “She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think ‘Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?” Katy Perry also accused Swift of trying to assassinate her. And, now, three years later, Taylor again hits back at her haters with a diss track called “Look What You Made Me Do.” Voice over

The reason behind this fight is Rihanna . We know that Chris Brown dated Rihanna and later he was accused of domestic violence. After this, Drake and RiRi also came together which resulted in an ugly spat between these two. Cam

That’s all, folks!

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