Barbie Gets “Banned” in Kuwait, Lebanon to Follow

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By Black Widow

Despite its global box office success, the Barbie movie is encountering bans in Kuwait and Lebanon due to objections over the film’s content and themes.

The bans highlight cultural and moral concerns within these countries.

Bans in Kuwait and Lebanon:

Kuwait’s film censorship committee chairman, Lafi Al-Subaie, stated that the Barbie movie promotes unacceptable behavior and distorts societal values, leading to its ban in the country.

In Lebanon, culture minister Mohammad Mortada claimed that the film promotes homosexuality and contradicts traditional values, resulting in a ban by the government authority responsible for film censorship.

Barbie’s Reception in Other Markets:

Although banned in Kuwait and Lebanon, the Barbie movie is set to premiere in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East’s largest markets.

Despite initial uncertainty, the film is scheduled for release on August 10 in these regions. Potential edits requested by censors are yet to be confirmed.

Controversy Beyond Bans:

The Barbie film has not been without controversy in Western markets. Comedian Bill Maher criticized the film for what he perceives as preachy and man-hating elements.

However, podcast host Joe Rogan defended the movie, emphasizing its lighthearted nature and dismissing claims of pushing progressive politics.

Release and Reception:

Despite bans and controversy, the Barbie movie is currently playing in theaters and is anticipated to be available for streaming in the coming fall.

The Barbie movie’s bans in Kuwait and Lebanon underscore the differing cultural sensitivities and values surrounding the film.

As it faces mixed reception globally, its release and impact continue to generate discussions and reactions across various markets.