Spider-Man: Lotus Streaming Details – All You Need to Know

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By Scarlet Witch

Spider-Man: Lotus, the controversial fan film of beloved superhero Spider-Man is ready to hit the theaters. With its release, the movie has created a buzz once again. The trailer of the movie has already made some headlines when it got aired on YouTube in October 2021. The trailer has 2.7 million views. The movie controversy got bigger in June 2022, when a leaked message showed the usage of offensive racial slurs in personal conversations between the actor Wayne Warden, who plays the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and the director of the movie Gavin Konop.

Where Can You Watch Spider-Man: Lotus?

Spider-Man: Lotus

Director Gavin Konop announced on July 8 that the movie Spider-Man: Lotus will be released on August 10. The movie will be presented on Konop’s YouTube channel, and the audience can watch it for free. Since that movie is a fan film, it will be available to watch free of cost. The movie must be shared with the audience without generating any money from the box office or online streaming platforms. Sharing the movie in physical forms such as DVDs or Blu-ray is not permitted as well.

Is Spider-Man: Lotus an official movie?

Spider-Man: Lotus

One of the most common doubts that is coming to the mind of fans is about the authenticity of this movie. It is certain that Spider-Man: Lotus is not an official movie from Marvel, Sony, or Disney. According to Konop’s YouTube page, it is a completely independent and non-profit movie by the fans.

The movie Spider-Man: Lotus shows the aftermath of Gwen Stacy’s death and how Peter Parker still gets haunted by the incident.